Denby Dale Dragons PTA

The PTA has been running for a number of years and helps support the school by raising much needed funds to improve facilities and provide new learning experiences for children.

Some of the PTA events that took place last year were school colour run, Christmas party in a box, making crowns for the residents at the Denby Care home, Christmas Eve bags, Coronation merchandise, Break the Rules day, Easter Egg hunt and the school disco which was a big success.

In 2023 we paid for the chickens and their beautiful home! The children love the chickens, they have been a big hit and the excitement has been building as each child has received an egg once they started laying. We have also pledged £4,500 towards the Artis programme which is now running in school until Summer 2024.

You can also support the PTA through the following schemes:

School Lottery

We are signed up to the ‘School Lottery’ scheme which runs throughout the year. The school lottery not only raises money for school but also gives you a chance to win weekly cash prizes. Each week someone from our school fund wins a cash prize, the more participants the larger the prize up for grabs! For further information visit Support Denby Dale First and Nursery School when you play Your School Lottery - Your School Lottery

Easy2name Labels

Easy2name is a labelling company which produces personalised labels which can be used on clothes and other items, perfect for labelling your child’s uniform, bags, pencil cases and water bottles. Visit and use the code FR-DENBY-82 to receive free shipping and earn 20% cashback for school on your entire order.

How do we keep you up to date with our activities?

There is a Facebook group called ‘Denby dale Dragons PTA’ which you can visit at as well as a section dedicated to PTA events and communications on the school weekly newsletter. We use these to promote events & activities, post reminders and share how much money we have raised.

How can you become involved?

We are always looking for new volunteers – the more members we have the more we can achieve with less work! If you feel you do not have enough time to join the PTA we are always looking for volunteers to help set up and run events or serve refreshments.

You can contact the PTA with any questions, suggestions or to volunteer at pta@denbydale.eduction – we would love to hear from you.