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We offer 15 hours of Free Education and Care to all children over 3 years and 30 to families who are eligible.

About us...

Our lively and engaging nursery classroom is suitable for children aged between 3 and 4 years of age. The children in Nursery have the freedom to move between our messy craft area, the spacious outdoors and our main Nursery classroom, giving the children the skills and confidence to make choices and engage in independent learning.

The sessions that we offer provide families with the flexibility to take their funded sessions in a number of ways. Sessions can be taken in the morning, afternoon or across the day between 7.30-6pm. For those children that access their funding across the day, meals are included at an additional cost.

Learning through play continues to be the main focus in our Nursery classroom. Our experienced staff build the children’s individual interests and next steps into the carefully planned activities that are on offer every day, providing the children with enriched learning experiences that ensure progress across the curriculum.


This half term...

the children in nursery will be thinking about journeys and places. The children will have opportunities to talk about the journeys that they make and create an interactive display to show the different ways in which they all travel to nursery. 
Alongside this the children will be looking at different ways that they can move around and have the chance experiment with this and challenge themselves on our obstacle course. We will also be encouraging the children to create their own obstacle course with each other to develop their problem solving and negotiation skills. Through this activity the children will be encouraged to use positional and directional language.
Towards the end of the half term we will be broadening the children's thinking and learning about places that we could visit around the world and what we might see there. We will be embracing the children's own experiences of days out or holidays and offering lots of opportunities for these to be shared. The children will also be enjoying our roleplay ice cream area and large scale indoor beach!
"All staff are welcoming to parents and there is a genuine warmth towards the children."
"All staff are welcoming to parents and there is a genuine warmth towards the children."