SEND & Inclusion Policy 

Shelley Pyramid SEND report 2021


SENCO : Mr Billing, Telephone 01484 866071 

Quality First Teaching

At Denby Dale First and Nursery school we aim to create an inclusive environment that supports all pupils to reach their full potential.  We have made the development of Quality First Teaching (QFT) a priority.  We support staff with regular professional development opportunities to further enhance their skilled practice in meeting the needs of every child. 


Supporting Positive Mental Health 

We have worked really hard to build different waves of provision to support pupils to have positive mental health.  All of these strategies are proven to help provide the skills and strategies we all need to successfully negotiate through education, life, work and relationships.  This alongside our excellent PSHE curriculum really helps give the children the tools they need.  Below are some examples of the provision in place, this is not an exhaustive list.  Some may sound trivial e.g. the chickens (!) however for some children, seeing them every day is what allows them to succeed in school.