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Shelley Pyramid SEND report 2021


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What the children say about the Groups below:

 "It definitely helps me because you can discuss your feelings and get things off your chest. It starts my week off great!"

 "It helps with feelings, expressing yourself, stress and anxiety . It's fun but it's also helping you."

 "I feel excited to come to group."

 "It helps me to have a group of friends to trust and share with."

 "It helps me to know that other people feel the same and go through the things that I go through."

 "You're there to help us with a worry."

Nurture Group

There are times in life when we all feel anxious. A group of children in KS2 have been exploring different calming techniques that help them to recognise and control their anxieties.  The children have each led a group session so that they can share what has worked for them such as mindfulness, visualisation, Yoga or breathing techniques. Here are some of the posters they created in order to help other children.


Lego Group

In Lego Group we take turns to be the engineer, the supplier and the builder. We work as a team together in our separate roles to build a Lego model. The engineer is in charge of the instructions and needs to explain to the supplier which bricks to find and give to the builder. We try to do this without pointing or showing the instructions! The engineer also needs to explain to the builder exactly where to position the bricks. It can be quite a tricky task! The engineer cannot touch the bricks, so they need to use their best communication skills to get the task done. The supplier has to listen carefully and try to find the right bricks to give to the builder and the builder has the task of listening to the engineer and working out where the bricks should go.

We have a lot of fun building our Lego models and learn lots of great communication and teamwork skills. It also helps us with our fine motor skills, turn taking and to develop new friendships


Parents Online

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Parenting can be challenging at times.

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