Our Curriculum Intent 


We worked with staff, governors, parents and pupils to encapsulate the core values we felt were the
most relevant to us at Denby Dale First and Nursery School. Taking our vision and aims as the driver
for learning we have the following intent for our curriculum.

We are very fortunate to have Artis, Musica, Legacy Sports and Grow to School working with us to help provide a broad and balanced curriculum.

To follow the National Curriculum aims:

To provide learners with an introduction to the essential knowledge that they need to be educated
citizens. To introduce learners to the best that has been thought and said; and help engender an
appreciation of human creativity and achievement.

To provide an outline of the core knowledge around which teachers can develop exciting and
stimulating lessons to promote the development of learners’ knowledge understanding and skills as
part of the wider school curriculum.

We will:


We encourage learners to develop a strong sense of self, respect for others and the environment
and a wider cultural awareness in and out of school.
Through a culture of Growth Mindset learners are encouraged to lead a healthy lifestyle through
diet exercise and mindfulness. Throughout their school career they are encouraged to have a
positive attitude to learning which allows them to learn from mistakes, take risks and become
independent lifelong learners.
Our broad curriculum encourages children to explore their imagination in a range of creative ways
developing skills which they can take with them as they continue their learning journey within and
beyond school.


Learners at Denby Dale First and Nursery School enjoy developing their own talents and personality
allowing them to showcase their achievements in and out of school. All children enjoy celebrating
their own and each other’s efforts and achievements in and out of school in a positive and
supportive away.

Learners are given the opportunity to attend a wide variety of extra-curricular clubs, theme days and
special events which ignites their curiosity and creativity. Learners are able to enjoy a healthy
lifestyle through Denby Dale Mile a Day, Healthy meals and snacks, and growth mindset is at the
forefront of our learning.

Learners make use of the local environment enjoying outdoor learning in the school grounds and
within the local community.

Our learners enjoy taking on roles of responsibility in and outside the classroom supporting the
school, their peers and younger learners.

Learners have a thirst for knowledge and are inspired by the love of reading, and a vibrant


All achievements of each individual learner are recognised and celebrated throughout their time at
Denby Dale First and Nursery School.

We will always look for suitable and appropriate opportunities to stretch and challenge our learners.
Learners strive to achieve their personal targets in all subjects and recognise their next steps.
Learners have opportunities to share all their achievements with their peers, their parents and
carers and the school community.


Long Term Plans


Subject In a Nutshell Progression Documents
Reading Reading in a Nutshell Reading Progression Little Wandle Phonics Scheme
Writing Writing in a Nutshell Writing Progression
Maths Maths in a Nutshell Maths Progression
PSHE/RSE PSHE in a Nutshell
Science Science in a Nutshell
Design and Technology D&T in a Nutshell
History History in a Nutshell


Geography in a Nutshell
Art and Design Art and Design in a Nutshell
Music Music in a Nutshell
Physical Education PE in a Nutshell
Computing Computing in a Nutshell

Modern Foreign Languages

MFL in a Nutshell
Religious Education RE in a Nutshell

EYFS EYFS in a Nutshell



We are very fortunate to have Artis this year.  Bam, our Artis teacher, will be taking each class Nursery to Year 5 for a session every week!



Musica Kirklees are working with us this year.  Year 2,3,4 and 5 children will get two full terms of whole class instrument instruction.  

For more information about our Curriculum please contact the school on 01484 866071