Key worker

Our staff play a crucial part in supporting the children’s development and learning.  They build effective relationships based on trust allowing children a safe base from which to develop independence.  We foster and encourage successful partnerships with parents and carers’ ensuring a smooth transition between home and nursery. 

On entering Nursery children are allocated a Key Worker.  They are primarily responsible for working in partnership with the family and for monitoring and developing children’s progress.  This does not mean that only the Key Person will take an interest in your child. All of our staff work with all the children and contribute to their experience at nursery.  Your child will be placed in a group led by their key worker.  The children gather together in their group at the beginning and end of each session. This gives them the opportunity to share experiences and to develop their relationship with their Key Worker.

We encourage you to come and talk to your child’s key worker at regular intervals.  You are welcome to see your child’s records at any time. We welcome your comments and observations about your child and encourage you to share them in your child’s Record of Experiences Book. In this book we record our observations of your child, which reflect their progress in the three prime areas of learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  We also note how involved the children are in each activity as well as recording their general emotional well-being.