Denby Dale First & Nursery School

Year 2

Well done Year 2 ...and Parents!  I have really enjoyed reading your emails and seeing the photos of your super work and brilliant activities.  I've put a selection below.  I'm loving all the rainbows! I am sure they will be a heartwarming sight for people as they pass through the village.  They have certainly made me smile and I have saved them as screen savers on my lap top.

Great to see you out in the sunshine as much as you can be, keeping busy and enjoying the fresh air.  A special mention for Olivia for sharing her work on the Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch which included a delicious looking apple crumble alongside  investigations into the mould growing on raspberries. Have a look at her amazing photos of the view through the microscope. 

Also, look at this super problem solving using a zip wire and a disgusting sandwich recipe to deter those pesky sea gulls! Followed by a  rather yummy, healthy lunch!  Well done!


Have a look at our  Art Gallery and  Year 2 Class video below.


Photos showing some of our multiplication work investigating arrays, painting of animals, drama and R.E.


Below we have Lamborghini and Ferrari, Henry and Lainey. Also a warm welcome to Hopper the cat! These lucky pets are enjoying having their Yr 2 owners at home to play with and make a fuss of them.  Are you looking after a pet at your house?  Share your photos with the class!

More pets coming soon!

Take a look at these tadpoles.  Logan has been making observations and recording how they grow and change.  Do you know the life cycle of a frog?

 Keep the photos coming Year 2!  Click on the photos in the gallery to see what your classmates have been learning, including more delicious meals!  Maybe you will be inspired or inspire one of your friends to try an activity.


Following Olivia sharing her image of a mouldy raspberry, Logan has been making observations of a variety of objects  through a microscope and carefully recording his findings.

If you are interested by these photos but don't have a microscope maybe you could have a look at photos of everyday objects magnified on line.

Or, if you have a magnifying glass go on a garden safari and see what creatures you can find!




Click on the pictures to take a closer look at our amazing animal paintings!  Can you spot  the different animals hiding in their habitats? These include a gorilla, an orangutan, a lion, a sloth, a dog, a panda, a tiger a rabbit, some penguins and a human.

(Scroll down to see more paintings below.)

Latest News

 We have been learning to name Oceans and Continents.

Enjoy our song and dance video that made on Friday 20.03.20 .   We are looking forward to being able to see the class together again as soon as is possible.