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Yorkshire Sculpture Park Trip

Year 1 had a fantastic day exploring a range of sculptures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park before making our own. We looked closely at the sculptures and thought hard about what the artists were trying to say. We noticed that some sculptures were showing us different emotions. 

Our own sculptures were called, Juggling Chameleon, Snorkelling Budgie, Hula Hooping Peacock, Tight Rope Walking Crocodile and Dancing Dragon. Can you work out which is which? 

Summer Term

Inspired by our walk in Wither Woods, the children in Year One all contributed to writing and editing a poem. 

Spring Term

Spring Term is all about toys. Starting off with thinking about the toys we had for Christmas; a Toy Day when we could bring a toy in from home and we wrote about it, painted a picture of it, and played with it; then Traction Man, a super hero who has exciting adventures with his best friend Scrubbing Brush. 

Autumn Term

 We have been thinking about ‘Ourselves’, particularly the  parts of the body and our senses.  We have looked at different aspects of autumn. We have used money when learning about place value.